Welcome to 100 Ton Press!

Below are listed the books our authors have on offer. Each available book is linked to its Amazon page. As other distributors are added, we will add them to the page. Thank you for looking over our wares!

Our four newest titles are —

      Weather Patterns, by G. E. Nicholas.

      Most people are stupid. by Tyson Prenter.

      Alignment, by Dangerosa Jones.

      Shepherd in the Corn, by David Brinkmeyer.

More books are in process. Come back for more!


G. E. Nicholas is our newest author. We are glad to be involved in making these short stories available.


Dangerosa Jones has never dreamt of Manderley. Not even once. Not for any reason. Her use of "widdershins" and "illywhacker"  has become legendary. It has even been rumored that she knows all the lyrics to that one song. Moreover, she never had mall bangs.  


Tyson Prenter works on being awesome every day. Sometimes he stops and writes a story, or edits one he's written, and hands it over to the fine folks at 100 Ton Press for publication. When he's not going from A to B, he's meeting with someone; when he's not meeting with someone, he's thinking; when he's done thinking, he's writing, so you can have something to crack open and enjoy. Have a beer, have a coffee in one hand, with his book (or a Kindle, perhaps) in the other. More is on the way.


David Brinkmeyer is a Lutheran pastor who lives in a small town in Nebraska with his wife, four children, two cats, and one dog. His writing interests are diverse and include Christian materials (Bible studies, devotions, children’s Christmas programs, etc.),  creative writing (fiction and playwriting), and freelance writing (copywriting, editing, proofreader, content writing, etc.) In his free time he enjoys gardening, playing the guitar, working on scale models, and generally being awesome.


Henry P. Mahone has been a technology writer and software designer for nearly two decades. His hobbies have all suffered immensely since he became a parent and bought an HDTV. He lives in the American Great Plains with his daughter and snarling curs.


Virginia lives and writes in the Midwest United States.